COVID-19 Outbreak Reponse: Resilience In Uncertain Times

Rest assured that through automation, the core issues of a global pandemic and the impacts on your supply chains are diminished as AutoFill’s technology requires no human interaction, in turn preventing your operations from contributing to the spread of disease and complicated staffing requirements during this time.


Modernize your existing fleet inspection workflow

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Automated Fleet Awareness Through Computer Vision

What is AutoFill?

AutoFill uses complex computer vision and AI to capture object data and detects damage to vehicles without the need for human interaction. This massively reduces labor costs, minimizes compliance risk, serves as an objective voice in claims assessment, and vastly enriches vehicle inspection reporting.

X-Ray Your Fleet

AutoFill is a plug and play solution built to be highly adaptable and efficient.



The vehicle is scanned upon entry and exit of the facility using thousands of data points to determine fact-based changes.



Using machine learning algorithms, changes to the vehicle are analyzed, logged and saved to secured internal databases.



Database is updated and action can be taken to prioritize maintenance, repair or service of vehicles in your fleet.

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Multi-Spectral Fleet Analysis

Deeper insights through the aggregation of rich data

Surface Scan

A 3D surface scan is generated using our intelligent camera system consisting of a combination of imaging techniques such as Time-of-Flight, Structured Light, infrared, LIDAR and Polarization imaging. The surface scan captures damage to the outer structure such as dents, scratches, and more. The system then compares that real-time scan to an internal representation of the vehicle’s base state and lists results on the integrated dashboard GUI.

Fleet Awareness

AutoFill provides real-time insight and contextual data relevant to fleet owners. Using a state of the art scanning and sensor array, which can be easily installed on any surface at your facility, we are able to capture high fidelity images of every vehicle scanned. Data from these scans are automatically uploaded to your AutoFill database and tracked.

Damage Detection

Gain deeper insights into the current state of your fleet, in real-time, with AutoFill’s advanced scanning and data visualization technology. Automate your daily vehicle inspections and benefit from greatly reduced labor costs and hyper-aware contextual information regarding the current status of your fleet.

Threat Detection

Rapidly identify potential threats using AutoFill’s multi-array scanning hardware. By capturing incoming and outgoing vehicles from every angle, including underneath, we are able to detect anomalies by cross-referencing driver identity and behavior with criminal records as well as to detect the presence of ordnance.

Automatic Damage Detection

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