Deep Tech Data Fusion

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An Automated
Future Is Inevitable

We Automate Inspections

AutoFill is a deep tech data company building automated machine vision for fleets and rail. Automation is gradually turning manual inspections into a thing of the past, driving organizations towards digital inspections to streamline the process and save on money and time while improving results. Use our solutions to upgrade your existing fleet or rail inspection workflow with these core principles.

AI-powered decisions

real-time objective detection

Evidence-based monitoring

Spectral Analysis

We use the best sensor technologies available and apply in-house developed algorithms to fuse, identify, and analyze object anomalies.


Our ability to analyze data
is growing exponentially.

AutoFill is developing with the future in mind. Benefit from our advanced ability to perform Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven data analytics that will continuously enhance and improve new insights.

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Built-In Predictive Maintenance

Know where to apply resources
before disruptions occur

AutoFill redefines scalability and economics by improving the efficiency and quality of inspections and optimizing predictive maintenance resulting in heavily reduced errors, fraud, and cost, providing objective and accurate assessments.

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Automation makes life easier for humans

Modernize your existing inspection workflow with AutoFill

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