About Us

AutoFill is the most advanced tool for daily vehicle inspection reports. We modernize existing workflows through precise automation.

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Who We Are

We are a distributed team of highly experienced engineers, designers and entrepreneurs focused on developing propriety solutions that solve fundamental problems for fleet owners of all sizes.

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Our Mission

AutoFill's mission is to push the boundaries of computer vision and deep learning to bring about the future of automation as applied to vehicle logistics and quality assurance. We strive to develop a more efficient process for fleet owners to rapidly diagnose anomalies and avoid the complexities of managing assets at scale.

The Lab

As we are located near three of the world's most prominent technical universities (Eindhoven, Twente & Delft) we are fortunate to have access to a pool of talented and passionate people wanting to join our mission.


AutoFill Technologies B.V.

Marineweg 5

2241 TX, Wassenaar

The Netherlands
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