COVID-19 Outbreak Reponse: Resilience In Uncertain Times

Rest assured that through automation, the core issues of a global pandemic and the impacts on your supply chains are diminished as AutoFill’s technology requires no human interaction, in turn preventing your operations from contributing to the spread of disease and complicated staffing requirements during this time.


AutoFill technology applied to various key industries that particularly benefit from the installation of our hardware.

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Automotive Logistics

Meticulously catalog the current status of your fleet, in real-time, from start to finish. Rest easy knowing the entirety of your fleet is carefully tracked throughout the complex logistical process - if damage occurs, you are able to pinpoint exactly where and when the incident occurred as well as receive instant estimations on repair costs and determined liability.

Public Bus Systems

Municipal bus fleets must adhere to strict safety regulations that require time-consuming daily inspections. AutoFill both automates the process of these inspections and saves on the cumbersome labor costs involved in carrying them out each day. Tracking your fleet in real-time also provides digital records of each vehicle’s status leaving a reliable ledger of damages and a more efficient deployment of resources for repair. 

Delivery Vehicles

With light delivery vehicles, timing is everything. Any disruptions in service would lead to rises in customer dissatisfaction and loss of business. AutoFill provides an automated process for tracking damage in real-time, creating an efficient pipeline for the deployment of vehicles for delivery and those which should remain slated for repair.

Car Rental Companies

As car ownership diminishes, we are seeing a rise in the use of Car Rentals universally. Companies in this market must deal with the complicated logistics of tracking the status of incoming and outgoing vehicles. AutoFill provides an automated, frictionless process for tracking all fleet vehicles, in real-time. This passes on time saved direct to the customer and increases loyalty and retention.

Valet & Parking

Vehicles are entrusted to Valet and Parking services by customers who expect their vehicles to remain safe from damage. When situations of damage occur, it is important for these companies to provide comprehensive proof of liability. With AutoFill, valet and parking services are able to instantly see when the damage occurred and offset any legal risks in the process.

Car Wash Facilities

At car wash facilities, speed matters. Automatically track the physical state of incoming and outgoing vehicles at your facility and avoid complicated analysis of incidents. AutoFill uses state of the art computer vision and sophisticated visual processing so damage to vehicles can be quickly categorized and exact liability determined.

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