The Product

Informational resources on the technologies used and on-site requirements needed for the installation of AutoFill hardware.

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AutoFill Technologies utilizes sophisticated algorithms, applied deep learning, and artificial intelligence to interpret complex visual input feeds from the included camera array and sensor suite.These techniques are used to identify dents, scratches and other structural changes as well as map heat distribution and polarized reflectivity. Our GUI provides easy to use user assisted feedback, so that the deep learning model learns and gets more accurate over time, exceeding expert level accuracy. We both create and work with a broad range of complex and cutting-edge intelligent technologies spanning convolutional neural networks, machine learning & reasoning and beyond.

Product Components

Camera Hardware

Installation is plug and play. They are easily placed in any configuration for the facility in which they are deployed. A minimum of two can be installed, and more can be added for increased resolution.

Operator App

Our cloud-based operator app allows for comprehensive tracking of all fleet vehicles in real-time, Track all incoming and outgoing vehicles, categorize damages, file instant insurance reports.

Reporting & Analytics

Our integrated reporting and analytics features are a comprehensive way to see both a high-level and granular overview of your fleet status, repair costs, incoming and outgoing traffic.

On-Site Requirements

Camera Hardware

Power Supply

Server / Rackspace


Technical Definitions

Computer Vision

Visual processing driven by underlying training and an expansive neural network for training and improvement.

Artificial Intelligence

Awareness and detection through continuous iteration of base networks and systematically applied logic.

Machine Learning

Continual improvement over-time through expanding data sets, hardware acceleration and heuristic training.

Convolutional Neural Networks

Damage recognition powered by deep analysis of visual data filtered though algorithms and interpreted.

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